Credit Card Payment Policies

A nationwide credit card counterfeit liability shift was instituted on October 1, 2015. In order to maintain PCI Compliance, UW Tacoma’s Cashier’s Office will no longer be processing credit card transactions over the phone or received by mail (campus or USPS).  We strongly recommend that all departments follow suit.  All Credit Card CTs must be treated like cash and hand delivered to the Cashier's Office (CAR 400).

If your department has a need to accept credit card payments, please contact the Cashier’s office to learn how to get set up on the eCommerce storefront.  If your department needs to add a new student fee, then the fee must be vetted through the appropriate channels.

By working with Finance, you are ensuring the most secure form of credit card processing.  The Cashier’s Office is then responsible for reconciling the online payments and distributing the funds to your budget(s).  The department is responsible for reconciling their budget in MyFD.

To maintain strict internal controls, the Cashier’s Office will also issue any applicable refunds. It is up to the department to request the refund along with the corresponding refund documentation including: order #, amount to refund, and reason for refund.

Monthly, a 3%* service fee is charged (via JV) to your budget. This covers the merchant fees the UW is assessed for secure credit card payments and other miscellaneous fees associated with the credit card processing. For more information on the service fee, please refer to the Credit Card Merchant Fee policy.

Credit Card Merchant Fee Policy

EFFECTIVE DATE: September 1, 2015

FIRST BILLING: October 2015

In order to expedite UW Tacoma’s internal billing process, insuring timely budget reconciliation, the Finance office will standardize the credit card merchant fee billing to a flat rate of 3% beginning September 1, 2015.*

Each month, departments utilizing the Cashier’s Office credit card service will receive a report detailing the previous month’s transactions.  This report should be used to reconcile departmental budgets.  It is the responsibility of each department to absorb or charge back the fee to the customer and communicate those instructions to the Finance office.

*After 2015 this rate is subject to change.

CT for Credit Cards

CT Form For Credit Card Payments

Please complete the following lines when preparing:

Departmental Information

  • Date
  • Department Name
  • Budget #
  • Departmental Contact Name
  • Box Number
  • Phone Number
  • Email

Payment Information

  • Cardholder name EXACTLY as it appears on the credit card
  • Credit Card Type (VISA /MC ONLY)
  • Credit Card #
  • Expiration Date
  • CVV #
  • Billing Zip Code
  • Total $ Amount to charge
  • Comment: the item being purchased or fee being paid. Provide the student # if applicable, or the full customer name, if different from the cardholder.

Refund Information

This form is also used if you need to refund all, or a portion of the original charge.  Just fill out the applicable fields on this portion of the form.


Print and and hand deliver, one copy of the form to the Cashier’s Office. Do NOT send the form through email as an attachment.  While UW email systems are secure, it is never advisable to send credit card information through email. 

Once processed, a receipt will be returned to the department. The receipt will contain a “CT #” (Example: CR5701), which will appear in My Financial Desktop when the transaction posts to your budget.  This will aid your budget reconciliation process.

The department is responsible for retaining all supporting documentation for the transaction.  If you save the completed form, be sure to delete or redact the credit card number, expiration date and CVV number. The Cashier's Office redacts all credit card information after the transaction successfully processes.

Per the Credit Card Merchant Fee Policy, a 3% service fee* is charged to department budgets which utilize the Cashier's Office for credit card transactions.  *After 2015, this rate is subject to change.