Institute of Technology

Through innovative partnerships with area companies, helps students gain practical work experience and meets continually changing industry needs. Offers bachelor's and master's degrees in Computing and Software Systems, and bachelor's degrees in Computer and Engineering Systems and Information Technology and Systems.

Director: Robert Friedman


Contact information

Location: CP 206
Campus Box:358426
Institute of Technology

Office hours

Monday - Friday:9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.


Name Title Phone Room Email Web
Abraham, Menaka Part-time Lecturer 253-692-5860 KEY 202 mmuppa
Adgar- Beal, Catherine Office Assistant II 253-692-4678 CP 304A cathyab
Alden, Matthew Full-time Lecturer 253-692-5812 CP 124 mealden
Ali, Mohamed Part-time Lecturer 253-692-5860 KEY 202 mhali
Alward, Lori Part-time Lecturer 253-692-5860 KEY 202 lalward
Armstrong, Edwin Full-time Lecturer 253-692-4537 CP 129 efa42
Bai, Yan Associate Professor 253-692-5863 CP 332 yanb Web site for Yan Bai
Baiocchi, Orlando Professor 253-692-4727 CP 226 baiocchi
Bair, John Part-time Lecturer 253-692-5860 KEY 202 jbair007
Basu Roy, Senjuti Assistant Professor 253-692-5681 CP 229 senjutib Web site for Senjuti Basu Roy
Chavez, Zaide Program Administrator 253-692-4659 CP 304B zaidec
Chin, Si- Chi Research Consultant/ Part-time Lecturer 253-692-5860 KEY 202 scchin
Chinn, Donald Associate Professor 253-692-4660 CP 233 dchinn Web site for Donald Chinn
Chung, Sam Endowed Associate Professor 253-692-5886 CP 231 chungsa Web site for Sam Chung
Costarella, Charles Full-time Lecturer 253-692-5980 CP 215 costarec
Crum, Larry Emeritus Professor 253-692-5860 CP 130 lcrum Web site for Larry Crum
De Cock, Martine Visiting Associate Professor 253-692-4540 CP 225 mdecock
Ding, Ling Assistant Professor 253-692-4759 CP 230 lingding
Donyina, Adwoa Full-time Lecturer 253-692-4944 CP 219 adwoad Web site for Adwoa Donyina
Dupuis, Marc Full-time Lecturer 253-692-4539 CP 127 marcjd
Elliott Tew, Allison Research Associate 253-692-4700 CP 335 aetew
Endicott- Popovsky, Barbara Adjunct Research Associate Professor 206-284-6123 CP 206 endicott
Fowler, Alan Full-time Lecturer 253-692-4603 CP 125 acfowler
Friedman, Robert Professor and Director 253-692-4611 CP 304C rsfit
Fry, Andrew Assistant Director of Industry Partnerships and Lecturer 253-692-4583 CP 218 andfry
Goda, Bryan Professor 253-692-4581 CP 224 godab
Gutmann, Robert Part-time Lecturer 253-692-4538 CP 128 rgutmann
Hazel, David Research Consultant/ Part-time Lecturer 253.686.0296 CP 206L dhazel
Hwang, Choal Hee Visiting Scholar 253-692-5860 CP 220 chwang1
Johnson, Guy Part-time Lecturer 253-692-5860 KEY 202 gnjics
Larson, Joel Research Consultant/ Part-time Lecturer 253-970-2303 TLB 307C jilarson
Marriott, Chris Full-time Lecturer 253-692-4592 CP 123 cmarriot
Mayer, John Senior Lecturer 253-692-4327 CP 126 jhmayer
McLane, Don Laboratory Support Engineer 253-692-4328 CP 206B dmclane
McMillan, Michael Program Coordinator 253-692-4620 CP 304A mcmilm
Mobus, George Associate Professor 253-692-5894 CP 227 gmobus Web site for George Mobus
Mucke, Kimberly Graduate Advisor/ Recruiter 253-692-4766 CP 216 kmucke
Palkar, Shrikant Part-time Lecturer 253-692-5860 KEY 202 spalkar
Rondeau, Stephen Senior Computer Specialist 253-692-5710 DOU 110B srondeau
Rosenfeld, Moshe Emeritus Professor 253-692-4520 CP 130 moishe Web site for Moshe Rosenfeld
Schuessler, David Full-time Lecturer 253-692-4924 CP 232 dschues1
Sheng, Jie Assistant Professor 253-692-4576 CP 228 shengj2 Web site for Jie Sheng
Shin, Changsun Visiting Scholar 253-692-5860 CP 220 csshin12
Simon, Mike Part-time Lecturer 253-692-5860 KEY 202 masimon
Smith, Amber Part-time Lecturer 253-692-5860 KEY 202 asmith8
Sobolewska, Monika Full-time Lecturer 253-692-5832 CP 217 monikaso
Stoddard, Vicki Part-time Lecturer 253-692-5860 KEY 202 stoddv
Tenenberg, Josh Professor 253-692-4521 CP 335 jtenenbg Web site for Josh Tenenberg
Teredesai, Ankur Associate Professor 253-692-4806 CP 223 ankurt Web site for Ankur  Teredesai
Tolentino, Matthew Part-time Lecturer 253-692-5860 KEY 202 metolent
Trummert, Dwaine Research Consultant 253-692-4720 TLB 307C dwainet
Weiss, Jeff Part-time Lecturer 253-692-5860 KEY 202 jawit
West, James Part-time Lecturer 253-692-5860 KEY 202 jejw
Woiak, Joanne Part-time Lecturer 253-692-5860 KEY 202 jwoiak
Zantua, Morgan Recruiter/ Advisor MCL 253-692-4795 CP 222 zan5

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