Associated Students of UWT (ASUWT)

ASUWT (student government) represents and promotes student interests, needs, and welfare within the university community through committee representation and administrative level interactions. It also provides for the expression of student opinion and interests to the community at large through community involvement and assists the University in providing physical and social environments that are student centered.

Student Leadership Specialist: Michelle Harper

An Affiliation of

Contact information

ASUWT Office: MAT 107
ASUWT Fax:253-692-5624

Office hours

Monday - Friday:Hours Vary


Name Title Phone Room Email Web
Laskey , Benjamin Legislative Liaison 253 692 5601 MAT 107 asuwtll
Cercado Jr., Gerry Senator 253-692-5601 MAT 107 asuwts1
Dobler- Chale , Rebecca Senator 253-692-5601 MAT 107 asuwts4
Fatou Faye , Aji Senator 253-692-5601 MAT 107 asuwts6
Gollen, Osaseen Senator 253-692-5601 MAT 107 asuwts3
Lansing, Ashleigh Finance Chair 253-692-4818 MAT 107 asuwtfin
Munoz, Chantell Senator 253-692-5601 MAT 107 asuwts5
Nation, Megan Senator 253-692-5601 MAT 107 asuwts2
Patterson, Jocelyn Senator 253-692-5601 MAT 107 asuwts8
Pentescu, Peter President 253-692-4427 MAT 107 asuwtp
Slyter, Marae Senator 253-692-5601 MAT 107 asuwts7
Vacant, Interim Chief Justice 253-692-4629 MAT 107
Vacant, Justice 253-692-4629 MAT 107
Vacant, Office Manager 253-692-4818 MAT 107 asuwt
Vacant, Justice 253-692-4629 MAT 107
Yuly, Alex Vice President 253-692-4429 MAT 107C asuwtvp

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