Zoe Barsness, Ph.D.

Associate Professor ; Graduate Faculty

Specialty: Management

Barsness, Zoe

Contact information

Dept: Milgard School of Business
Room: DOU 418
Phone: 253-692-5884
Email: zib@uw.edu


  • Ph.D., Northwestern University , 1996.
  • M.S., Northwestern University, 1993.


Zoe Barsness earned her doctorate in Organization Behavior from the Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University in 1996. Prior to joining the faculty at UWT in 2000, Dr. Barsness served on the management faculty at Texas A&M University. Her teaching interests are mainly in the areas of team dynamics, organizational behavior, negotiation and conflict management, and strategic human resource management.

Dr. Barsness' research focuses on negotiation and the impact of recent developments in communications technology, organization structure, and work arrangements on individuals and groups in organizations. Recent research projects have examined cross-cultural negotiation processes, the influence of technologically mediated communication on negotiation, the strategies adopted by remote workers to manage their workplace performance more effectively, and the impact of alternative work arrangements on group process and effectiveness.

Dr. Barsness has also served as a consultant to several hospitals, the construction industry, forest products industry, local city governments, and the State of Texas. She has received research grants from the State of Texas, U.S. Department of Agriculture, the Center for International Business Studies at Texas A&M University, an the University of Washington, Tacoma. Prior to graduate school, she worked in the private sector in marketing and product development for a start-up software company and in management consulting.


Group dynamics, negotiation and conflict management, strategic human resource management

Selected Publications

  • Balkundi, P., Kilduff, M., BARSNESS, Z. I., and Michael, J. H. (Forthcoming). Too much of a good thing? Antecedents and consequences of structural holes in work teams. Journal of Organizational Behavior.
  • Diekmann, K. A., Sondak, H, and BARSNESS, Z. I. (Forthcoming). Does fairness matter more to some than to others? The relationship between work-place status, procedural fairness perceptions, and job satisfaction. Social Justice Research.
  • Bhappu, A. D. and BARSNESS, Z. I. (2006). Risks of E-mail. In Andrea Schneider and Christopher Honeyman (Eds.), The Negotiator's Fieldbook (pp. 395-400). Washington, DC: American Bar Association Books.
  • BARSNESS, Z. I., Diekmann, K. A. and Seidel, M. L. (2005). Motivation and opportunity: The role of physical, demographic, and social proximity in impression management. Academy of Management Journal, 48(3): 401-419.
  • BARSNESS, Z. I. and Bhappu, A. D. (2004). At the crossroads of technology and culture: How they impact attention, social influence, and information exchange processes during negotiation. In Michele J. Gelfand and Jeanne M. Brett (Eds.), The Handbook of Negotiation: Theoretical Advances and Cross-Cultural Perspectives (pp. 350 – 373). Palo Alto, CA: Stanford University Press.
  • Michael, J. H., BARSNESS, Z. I., Lawson, L., Balkundi, P. (2004). Focus please: Coordination and team performance at a wood manufacturer. Forest Products Journal, December: 250-255.
  • Diekmann, K. A., BARSNESS, Z. I., and Sondak, H. (2004). Uncertainty, procedural fairness perceptions, and work-related attitudes and behaviors: A Field Study. Social Justice Research, 17(3): 237-255.
  • BARSNESS, Z. I., Tenbrunsel, A. E., Michael, J. H. and Lawson, L. (2002). Why am I here? The influence of group and relational attributes on member-initiated team selection. In Margaret Neale, Beta Mannix and Harris Sondak (Eds.), Research on Managing Groups and Teams, 4: 141-171.
  • Uzzi, B., and BARSNESS, Z. I. (1998). Contingent Employment Arrangements in British Firms: Organizational Determinants of the use of Fixed-term Hires and Part-time workers. Social Forces, 76(3): 967-1007.
  • Brett, J. M., Tinsley, C. H., Janssens, M. J., BARSNESS, Z. I., and Lytle, A. L. (1997). New approaches to the study of culture in I/O psychology. In P. C. Earley and M. Erez (Eds.), New Perspectives on International/Organizational Psychology (pp. 75-129). San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass Inc. USA.
  • Brett, J. M., BARSNESS, Z. I., and Goldberg, S. B. (1996). The Effectiveness of Mediation: An Independent Analysis of Cases Handled by Four Major Service Providers. The Negotiation Journal, July: 259-269.

Current Research

  • Demographic and social network effects on workplace discrimination (coauthored).
  • Geographically distributed work and patient care team effectiveness (coauthored).
  • The effects of formal and emergent leadership on intragroup conflict (coauthored).
  • Social networks and production work team effectiveness (coauthored).

Working papers

  • BARSNESS, Z. I. Flexible staffing arrangements and group diversity: An examination of the multiple effects of diversity on group process and effectiveness.
  • BARSNESS, Z. I., Seidel, MD L., Diekmann, K. A., and Michael, J. H. Mirror, mirror on the wall: The implications of status for overestimation of friendship ties.
  • BARSNESS, Z. I., Seidel, MD. L., and Michael, J. H. Not all ties are created equal: The impact of differing Network portfolios on promotion.
  • Rosette, A. S., Brett, J. M., BARSNESS, Z. I., and Lytle, A. L. When cultures clash electronically: The impact of e-mail and culture on negotiation behavior.

Honors and Awards

  • Nominee for Distinguished Teaching Award, University of Washington, Tacoma (2002).
  • Named One of Top 25% Most Effective Teachers on Campus, Texas A&M University (2000).
  • Second Place, Best Article Award, CPR Institute for Dispute Resolution, New York, NY (1996).
  • Doctoral Teaching Award, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University (1995).


  • Academy of Management
  • International Association of Conflict Management
  • Human Resources Network (Seattle, WA)

Professional Service

  • Member Editorial Board, Negotiation and Conflict Management Review (2005 – present).
  • Program Chair, International Association for Conflict Management (2004)
  • Member, Academy of Management Local Arrangements committee (2003)
  • Representative-at-large, Conflict Management Division, Academy of Management (2001 - 2002)
  • Reviewer for the Academy of Management Journal, International Journal of Conflict Management, Journal of Organizational Behavior, Industrial Relations, Organzational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, Academy of Management conference, and International Association for Conflict Management conference.