Caitlin Carle, M.A.


Specialty: Composition/Rhetoric, First Year Writing, Popular Culture Studies

Carle, Caitlin

Contact information

Dept: Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences
Room: KEY 206
Phone: 253-692-4971
Schedule: Monday: 12:30 p.m. - 1:15 p.m.; Wednesday: 12:30 p.m. - 2:00 p.m.


  • M.A., English Literature, Western Washington University, 2010.
  • B.S., Education, University of Missouri, Columbia, 2008.


I'm currently a member of the CORE Program on UW Tacoma's campus, in which I teach courses designed to draw from students' personal interests and experiences in order to forge a sense of academic authority in their writing.

I am particularly interested in how we--both inside and outside of academia--engage with certain texts, hobbies, or groups, and how those lend to our sense of identity. This work often serves as inspiration for my classes, as they combine composition and critical thinking skills with topics that range from fandoms and "Geek" culture to narratives of identity formation.

My classroom work is primarily focused on creating a foundation for analytic writing at the college level. The "college essay" can often be a terrifying prospect or a last-minute affair for students just starting their academic work, so much of my teaching is based on demystifying the processes that lead to a finished piece of writing.


I love conversations about pedagogy regardless of discipline. But, because my work is primarily housed within the CORE and Writing Studies programs, my research is currently motivated by a desire to help students and instructors better understand writing in the classroom.

I'm most interested in exploring students' understanding and use of teacher feedback--marginal comments, rubric work, and other less-formal modes of response. This research draws primarily from meta-cognitive writing that students in composition classes create both before and after receiving instructor and peer feedback.

My undergraduate degree is in English education at the high school level, so my previous research projects have also assessed the needs and expectations those students bring to the college classroom. I am particularly interested in writing practices that high school students take part in during their senior year and how that translates to the college level.


I teach primarily in the CORE program, working with freshmen and those new to UW Tacoma. I also teach studio classes centered on the writing process.

Some of my recent courses include:

  • TCORE 101: Im Batman: Intersections of Popular Culture and Identity
  • TCORE 100: Introduction to Interdisciplinary Study
  • TWRT 111: Discourse Foundations
  • TWRT 211: Argument and Research in Writing
  • TWRT 112: Introduction to Academic Writing

Selected Publications

Recent and Upcoming Conference Presentations:

  • Why Am I in This Class? Reimagining Authority in a FYC Class for Non-First Year Students.

    Conference on College Composition and Communication (March 2014).

  • Meta Moves: Metacognitive Practices that Help Students and Teachers Assess Learning.

    Assessment, Teaching, and Learning Conference (May 2014).

  • Mapping the Margins: Exploring Commenting Practices in Composition Courses.

    Presented at the High Mountain Affiliate of the Council of Writing Program Administrators (September 2011).


  • National Council of Teachers of English
  • National Education Association
  • Popular Culture Association / American Culture Association