Lizbett Benge

DRC Lead Student Assistant
Benge, Lizbett

Contact information

Dept: Diversity Resource Center
Room: WCG 102
Phone: 253.692.4744


I am a product of my environment, and can say that I was raised in extremely racist, homophobic, sexist, and hate-filled environments. I have worked and continue to work on understanding and navigating multiple identities, cultures, and locales. We shouldnt feel guilty about the injustice we inherit. However, if we choose to do nothing about it going forward, then we have plenty to feel guilty about. In moving forward both academically and personally, I am deeply invested in looking at actions utilized by marginalized groups (i.e. Sisterhood, carnival, capoeira) to deal with oppressive structures. My hope is to explore this further within the DRC and the larger campus community.