Kris Symer

Web Architect, Puget Sound Institute
Symer, Kris

Contact information

Dept: Center for Urban Waters
Room: CUW 300
Phone: 253-254-7030 x8014


Kris coordinates web and GIS projects at the Puget Sound Institute. A native Tacoman with over two decades of creative, analytical, and technical experience, Kris came to Urban Waters from the UW Tacoma Information Technology department. Prior to her IT career, she worked in the building design field as a residential drafter and commercial plans examiner. Kris holds a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration and a certificate in Geographic Information Systems from UW Tacoma. An avid cyclist, she also enjoys hiking, boating, and skiing. Kris volunteers on the City of Tacoma's Bicycle and Pedestrian Action Committee so that folks may safely choose active modes of transportation.