Offices and services

Note: This list does not include academic programs. See departments by type.

Academic Advising Center Web site Academic Advising Center department infoAcademic Advising Center

Academic Affairs Web site Academic Affairs department infoAcademic Affairs

Academic Technologies Web site Academic Technologies department infoAcademic Technologies

Administrative Services Web site Administrative Services department infoAdministrative Services

Administrative Services provides support services for UW Tacoma through leadership, management and stewardship of fiscal, human, and physical resources to enable the University community to focus on its mission. In addition to the areas listed below, Administrative Services coordinates the campus budget and its development process, oversees the real estate portfolio and campus capital and master planning.

Admissions Web site Admissions department infoAdmissions, Office of

Provides advising and outreach efforts to prospective students, primarily at the undergraduate level.

no Web site Advancement department infoAdvancement

The Office of Advancement works with all areas of the campus and the community to encourage support of and participation in the University's mission and goals.

Alumni Relations Web site Alumni Relations department infoAlumni Relations

Develops programs and events to build connections between alumni.

no Web site Asia Pacific Center department infoAsia Pacific Center

Associated Students of UWT (ASUWT) Web site Associated Students of UWT (ASUWT) department infoAssociated Students of UWT (ASUWT)

ASUWT (student government) represents and promotes student interests, needs, and welfare within the university community through committee representation and administrative level interactions. It also provides for the expression of student opinion and interests to the community at large through community involvement and assists the University in providing physical and social environments that are student centered.

Autism Center Web site Autism Center department infoAutism Center

UW Autism Center provides diagnostic evaluations and multi-disciplinary intervention services for children with autism spectrum disorders from infancy through adolescence, and a wide range of professional training opportunities.

Career Development & Education Web site Student Services department infoCareer Development & Education

See Career Development & Education

Cashier Web site Cashier department infoCashier

The Cashier's Office is where students pay their tuition or fees and handle other financial transactions.

Center for Applied Social Cognition Research Web site Center for Applied Social Cognition Research department infoCenter for Applied Social Cognition Research

Center for Leadership & Social Responsibility Web site Center for Leadership & Social Responsibility department infoCenter for Leadership & Social Responsibility

The center's mission is to develop socially responsible leaders who build sustainable organizations and communities.

Center for Strong Schools Web site Center for Strong Schools department infoCenter for Strong Schools

Mission: To support communities and schools in meeting the social, emotional, and learning needs of all youth from cradle to career through applied research, program evaluation and evidence-based change.

Center for the Study of Community and Society Web site Center for the Study of Community and Society department infoCenter for the Study of Community and Society

Center for Urban Waters Web site Center for Urban Waters department infoCenter for Urban Waters

The Center for Urban Waters is a community of environmental scientists, analysts, engineers and policy makers developing creative and sustainable solutions to restore and protect the Puget Sound. The center provides an intellectual environment where people with a diverse mix of skills can collaborate to develop innovative approaches to environmental restoration and protection and to sustainable urban development.

Center for Web & Data Science Web site Center for Web & Data Science department infoCenter for Web & Data Science

Chancellor the Web site Chancellor the department infoChancellor, Office of the

Commuting Web site Commuting department infoCommuting

Computer Services Web site Information Technology department infoComputer Services

See Computer Services

Construction Projects Web site Construction Projects department infoConstruction Projects

Provides information, including project updates, schedules, design documents, and contact information for past, present and future UW Tacoma construction projects.

Convenience Store Web site Convenience Store department infoConvenience Store

Copy & Mail Center Web site Copy & Mail Center department infoCopy & Mail Center

The Copy and Mail Center is offers copying, color printing, poster printing and shipping services for students, faculty and staff. In addition to our standard services, the Copy and Mail Center also produces and sells Course Paks.

Data & Information Web site Data & Information department infoData & Information, Office of

Institutional research and analysis support for the Tacoma campus will be provided by the team members listed below. Please contact any of the staff below with data and information requests.

Dawg House Café Web site Dawg House Café department infoDawg House Café

Here to help meet your campus life needs.

Disability Support Services Web site Student Health & Wellness department infoDisability Support Services

See Disability Support Services

Diversity Resource Center Web site Diversity Resource Center department infoDiversity Resource Center

Enrollment Services Web site Enrollment Services department infoEnrollment Services

Enrollment Services provides current and future students with administrative and academic support services and information needed to take full advantage of the educational opportunities available to them at the University of Washington Tacoma. We also provide faculty, staff and members of the community with information and administrative services that support the University's academic mission.

Environmental Health and Safety Web site Environmental Health and Safety department infoEnvironmental Health and Safety

Recognizing, Evaluating, and Controlling Exposure & Risk.

Equity and Diversity Web site Equity and Diversity department infoEquity and Diversity

Events and Conference Services Web site Events and Conference Services department infoEvents and Conference Services

A resource for on- and off-campus groups looking to use campus facilities for events and conferences. Also responsible for coordinating all major campus-wide events.

Facilities Services Web site Facilities Services department infoFacilities Services

Provides support for campus buildings and infrastructure.

Faculty Assembly Web site Faculty Assembly department infoFaculty Assembly

Faculty Assembly provides a forum for faculty deliberation and represents faculty as a whole in shared governance at UW Tacoma.

Faculty Resource Center Web site Faculty Resource Center department infoFaculty Resource Center

Finance Web site Finance department infoFinance

Grants, payroll and purchasing.

Financial Aid Web site Financial Aid department infoFinancial Aid

The Office of Student Financial Aid helps students find and manage their financial aid, scholarships and work study opportunities.

no Web site Fitness Center department infoFitness Center

The University of Washington Tacoma's Campus Fitness Center (CFC) is an exercise facility intended to serve UW Tacoma's community of students, faculty, and staff. Numerous benefits (including physical, emotional, mental and social) are derived from participation in physical activity and overall fitness.

Human Resources Web site Human Resources department infoHuman Resources

Information Technology Web site Information Technology department infoInformation Technology

International Student Services Web site International Student Services department infoInternational Student Services

Provides assistance and advising to international students at UW Tacoma.

KeyBank Professional Development Center Web site KeyBank Professional Development Center department infoKeyBank Professional Development Center

Offers workshops, professional training and certificate programs.

Ledger (Student Newspaper) Web site Ledger (Student Newspaper) department infoLedger (Student Newspaper)

Student newspaper. Published weekly.

Library Web site Library department infoLibrary

no Web site Marketing & Creative Services department infoMarketing & Creative Services

Creative Services manages the communications and publications for the university, providing graphic design, printing, news, web and content services.

Media Services Web site Information Technology department infoMedia Services

See Media Services

Ombudsman the Web site Ombudsman the department infoOmbudsman, Office of the

Provides services for managing and resolving conflict among students, staff, and faculty.

no Web site Real Estate Office department infoReal Estate Office

Handles leasing and management for all retail spaces in campus buildings.

no Web site Recreation Center department infoRecreation Center

The Longshoremen's Hall (LSH) features a spacious and comfortable collaborative learning space, a huge event and recreation area, a gaming center, outdoor recreation courts, and an on-line gaming room.

no Web site Registrar the department infoRegistrar, Office of the

The Office of the Registrar manages student enrollment, registration and records.

Research and Scholarship Support Web site Research and Scholarship Support department infoResearch and Scholarship Support

Supports faculty and students in finding grants and funding support for academic research.

Risk Management Web site Risk Management department infoRisk Management, Office of

Organizes, coordinates, and implements programs to control risks for all University of Washington campuses.

Safety and Security, Campus Web site Safety and Security, Campus department infoSafety and Security, Campus

Includes campus security and safety escorts. Resources on crime prevention education and annual crime statistics.

Staff Association Web site Staff Association department infoStaff Association

Student Activities Board Web site Student Activities Board department infoStudent Activities Board

Coordinates campus events for students and student organizations.

Student Affairs Web site Student Affairs department infoStudent Affairs

The Division of Student Affairs is comprised of three departments: Student Health and Wellness, Student Involvement, and Student Services.

Student Counseling Center Web site Student Health & Wellness department infoStudent Counseling Center

See Student Counseling Center

no Web site Student Fiscal Services department infoStudent Fiscal Services

Student Account billing inquiries, refund checks, employer voucher requests

Student Health & Wellness Web site Student Health & Wellness department infoStudent Health & Wellness

Serves as the direct resource for Disability Support Services, the Student Counseling Center, and Health Education & Promotion

Student Health Services Web site Student Health Services department infoStudent Health Services

Serves as the direct resource for health care services for students.

Student Involvement Web site Student Involvement department infoStudent Involvement

Serves as the direct resource for ASUWT, Clubs & Organizations, Leadership, Recreation & Fitness, Student Activities, Student Publications (The Ledger, Tahoma West) and Volunteer Services.

Student Planning & Administration Web site Student Planning & Administration department infoStudent Planning & Administration

Student Planning & Administration is a department within Student Affairs that is focused on Strategic Initiative and is responsible for all divisional planning of processes and procedures.

Student Services Web site Student Services department infoStudent Services

Serves as the direct resource for Childcare Assistance, Campus Housing, Career Development & Education, New Student Programs, and Student Conduct.

Tahoma West (Literary Arts Magazine) Web site Tahoma West (Literary Arts Magazine) department infoTahoma West (Literary Arts Magazine)

Student literary and arts journal.

Teaching and Learning Center Web site Teaching and Learning Center department infoTeaching and Learning Center

Provides a wide variety of instructional resources and support for teaching and learning including writing and math assistance.

no Web site TRiO Talent Search department infoTRiO Talent Search

Early intervention college preparation program that assists students in grades 6 through 12 to realize their educational opportunities and potential.

University Book Store Web site University Book Store department infoUniversity Book Store

University Complaint Investigation and Resolution Office (UCIRO) Web site University Complaint Investigation and Resolution Office (UCIRO) department infoUniversity Complaint Investigation and Resolution Office (UCIRO)

Responsible for investigating complaints that a university employee has violated the university's non-discrimination and/or non-retaliation policies.

Veteran and Military Services Web site Veteran and Military Services department infoVeteran and Military Services

The Office of Veteran and Military Services helps students access GI Bill and related veteran's benefits and tuition waivers.