Student Assistants - CP 133

Institute of Technology Student Assistants

Who do I ask?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Application deadline for IT, CS, CE, and EE programs?

Time frame for application processing and admission decisions?

Internship office hours for Andrew Fry
Winter Quarter 2017
Wednesdays, 11:00 am to 12:30 pm and Thursdays, 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm in the Tioga Building – TLB 307A
Veterans Incubator for Better Entrepreneurship (VIBE)


Undergraduate Advising

E-mails received on the uwtech e-mail address

  • Unless a student (both prospective and current) asks for a specific person, please make sure that all email inquiries which come to that have to do with undergraduate programs are forwarded to both Beth ( and David ( If it's regarding the MSCSS or MCL program, please forward them to Curtis (

Students wanting to meet with the advisors

  • Beth and David (undergrad advisors) will not be accepting walk‐ins. No appointment = no service. If they insist, please tell them "you'll need to make an appointment or send them an email. There will be no exceptions to this rule.


  • There are no walk-ins. If students want to meet with an advisor, they need to make an appointment.
  • Do not walk into the advisor's office and ask if they can meet with students.

Students arriving late for their appointment

  • Students who are more than 15 minutes late to their appointment must reschedule.

Using Skype

  • Please be sure to always use instant messaging to inform the advisors (both grad and undergrad) of a student’s arrival or if you have questions. If they have not responded in a while and a student is waiting, you can come to their office, otherwise it is always best to inform them of a student’s arrival and/or ask simple questions that students may have through instant messenger.

Students dropping off forms

  • Under no circumstances will they ever accept course overload forms or change of major forms (they do not use these in their office). Students will need to email them or make an appointment to discuss these requests.
  • Do not allow any students to drop off/leave forms for David or Beth to sign (unless David or Beth have stated otherwise).

498/499 forms

  • When students come by asking for 498/499 add codes, plese Skype Dana and let her know. She'll be able to assist them.

Tasks and Duties

Tasks that need to get done daily

Morning Tasks


  • Keep the front desk calendar updated with your work schedule.
  • Keep an eye on staff calendars, so you will be at the desk during scheduled lunches and meetings.


  • Check copier, fax and printers: Make sure that all the printers and copiers have paper.
  • Organize work area around copiers.
  • Replace bag in shredders in CP 221 and the front desk, if needed (make sure that the shredder is turned off).
  • Check the fax machine for incoming faxes and toss out spam and distribute the ones that belong to staff or faculty.


  • Keep front desk area and lobby tidy.
  • Wipe down tables and counters.
  • Restock brochures and keep old magazines from piling up.
  • Make sure that there are business cards for CP 133 staff in the business card holder at the front desk.
  • Distribute mail to CP 221 mailboxes immediately and don't leave it sitting on the counter all day.

End of Day Tasks

  • Turn phone forwarding on.
  • Make sure the reception area is clean and organized before you leave.
  • Check the recycling bins and empty recycle paper into large recycle bins outside of the suite.

Tasks that need to get done weekly

  • Water the plants on Mondays and Fridays

Tasks that need to get done quarterly

  • Update the mailboxes quarterly (work with Cathy on this) If you can’t find a person who’s received mail, ask a staff member.

Tasks that need to get done during the breaks

  • Clean the Institute labs by wiping down desks, vacuuming, taking out the trash and making sure that they are clean.
    • Institute Labs: The labs in the CP 206 area, SCI 106, SCI 108, and Dougan 110
  • Wipe down whiteboards.

Greeting Internal and External Stakeholders

Faculty, staff and other guests
Be proactive – If someone is lost, open the UWT map and help them find their way. If they have a question that you cannot answer, check with a staff member.

Faculty and non-student guests - Ask if they have an appointment, if they don’t have an appointment, Skype staff member to let them know someone is here to see them (for students see the advising section).

Phone Etiquette
Answer the departmental phone line preferably by the second ring. Screen calls by asking who they're calling for, what the call is about, and be proactive in trying to help them. If it's advising related, visit the advising section, if you're not sure, ask Joel or Zaide or another staff member.

Important Contact Numbers

For all other inquiries: UWT Directory

Job Description and Guidelines

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Human Resources

Let Joel or Zaide know if you have concerns about anything.

Schedule Lunch & break procedures
Let staff know when you plan to go to lunch or on your break to cover reception and phones.

Calling in procedures (absence, running late, etc.)
Email or call Joel ( and let him know that you’re running late or will be out. If Joel is out, let Zaide ( know.

Time off procedures

  • Try to give as much advanced notice as possible.
  • Ask and see if another student assistant can cover for you.
  • Send request to Joel and indicate if anyone is available to cover your shift(s).

Scheduling for the following quarter
Please email Joel and let him know as soon as you know your availability (include any preferences) for the following quarter.

Timesheets need to be submitted by the 1st and 16th of the month.