Global Affairs Fellows Program

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Global Affairs Fellows are UW Tacoma students whose mission it is to promote global learning opportunities and support international students and scholars at the UW Tacoma. GA Fellows also help promote UW Tacoma Student Fellowships, Study Abroad, and International Student Services by providing services to staff and students by working in the IOffice of Global Affairs. If you have a question about life at UW Tacoma, they are here to help you!

Below are introductions to your Global Affairs Fellows:

Name: Yueyang Hu


First Quarter at UW Tacoma: Autumn 2015

Intended Graduation Quarter: Summer 2017

Major: History, Law and Policy (Minor)

Country of Citizenship:China

Campus Involvement:  GA Fellow; Pre-law society; Omicron Delta Kappa; President of Phi Alpha Theta (Chapter Alpha-Zeta-Gamma).

What I Like Most About UWT:  I love the vibrant and welcoming campus of UWT, as well as the abundant opportunities it provides. More importantly, I like the fact that professors and faculty in UWT are always helpful and supportive, and genuinely care about students’ success. Also, UWT is conveniently located near many natural attractions, which enables students to enjoy breathtaking scenery in Pacific Northwest.

One Piece of Advice: Fear not to express your notions, be brave to dissent, as broad range of thoughts and your own distinctive ideas are crucial in this dynamic academia. 

Name: Priyanka Polavarapu


First Quarter at UW Tacoma: Spring 2016

Intended Graduation Quarter: Spring 2017

Major: Computer Science and Systems

Country of Citizenship: India

Campus Involvement: GA Fellow

What I Like Most About UWT: The best thing I like about UWT is that it is a place of great atmosphere. The people here are very welcoming which makes you feel at home right from day one.  Wonderful libraries with large volumes, constant academic support by mentors and a very friendly and helping staff which helps you get over with your problems.

One Piece of Advice: Make use of all the resources at your disposal. Seek help from ISS. Ask for suggestions but make your own decisions. Keep focused on long term goals.