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2017 MBA students in class TMGMT 557

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The Affordable UW MBA

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree at the Milgard School of Business is a comprehensive 64-credit graduate degree designed to provide experienced professionals and managers with new tools for responding to the challenges of change.

Our program is the most affordable MBA in the UW system and it can be completed in only 7 quarters, with classes meeting one night a week and on two Saturdays per quarter.
*Milgard's MBA September classes and summer classes meet on a different schedule. September class may require up to 4 weekdays of class meetings.

Our program encourages managers to develop a strong mix of leadership, technological, financial, analytical, relational and communication skills needed to lead organizations facing an increasing pace of change. Our high-quality program is immediately relevant to practicing managers.



Michael Helser - MBA Program Advisor


The degree program consists of 16 four-credit classes, including 12 required courses, 2 Flex core and 2 electives. Beginning Autumn 2017* classes will meet once per week on Tuesday night, plus 2 Saturdays during the quarter.
The quarterly schedule for a typical MBA student will be:
Tuesday night, Class 1 6:15-7:45 PM & Class 2 8:00-9:30 PM
Plus two full Saturdays each quarter, Class 1 9:00am-12:20, Class 2 1:00-4:20pm
Each class will have required online content between each class session.

 September classes require 2-4 full weekdays and Saturdays. Summer classes meet weekday evenings and Saturdays.

Current MBA students receive the MBA class schedule in advance to allow planning to accommodate your career needs. Your degree can be completed in as few as 7 quarters while working full-time and attending classes year-round on a part-time basis, but may be extended to three or more years. In the average quarter, an MBA student will enroll in two courses (8 credits) of study.

*autumn 2017 begins the roll out of this delivery model, the courses moving to this model in 2017-18 are TBUS 500 & TBUS 520 autumn quarter; TBUS 503 & 504 winter quarter; and TBUS 501 & 507 spring quarter

*Students admitted to the MBA autumn 2017 or later will not be able to use completion of the Milgard School Essentials of Management program to count as a 4 credit MBA elective.

The 64 quarter-credit MBA degree consists of:

The core curriculum addresses key areas of business knowledge via the core courses, which focus on finance, accounting, marketing, operations, ethics, human behavior, and business strategy. Perspectives on international business are integrated across these courses, which culminate in a capstone course that offers a comprehensive systems perspective on organizations. These courses also emphasize quantitative and qualitative tools for predicting, planning and managing change.

Beyond the core courses, students are required to complete 8-16 elective credits. The choice of electives will depend on the students' career and educational goals. Students can create a profile of elective courses that allows them to gain additional business knowledge. 

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