MSBA Skills & Sample Occupations


MSBA Skills Promoted

  • Data Scientist
  • Advanced Analytics

Mathematical and operations researcher skills to develop analytic algorithms for optimized processes. Create sophisticated analytical models used to build new datasets and derive new insights from data.

  • Professional Services Consultant
  • Data Analysts
  • Business Intelligence Analysts
  • Portfolio, Campaign, HR/People, Pricing, Financial, Online Marketing, Testing, Product, CRM, Fraud/Risk Analyst, Customer, Advertising, Sales, Supply Chain, Logistics, Helpdesk

Business & data analysts that apply business intelligence and analytics to turn data to information and to business insights, and integrate with processes for optimized results. Leverage data analysis and modeling techniques and glean insights across functional domains.

  • Information Architect
  • Systems Analyst
  • Database Administrator

Data and information management skills to decide how what and how to collect, store, manage and understand patterns and trends in data. Design, build and maintain organization’s data and analytical infrastructure.

  • Dashboard Developer

Dashboard development and management skills to identify right key performance indicators, and to manage processes more efficiently.

  • Report Writer

Visualization skills to interpret data and present it in meaningful skills ways.

  • Analytics Managers
  • Marketing, Operations, Financial, Sales, HR, etc.
  • Analytics Managers or Consultants

Oversee analytical operations and communicate insights to executives.

  • Chief Analytics Officers
  • Chief Digital Officer
  • Chief Information Officer

Leadership skills to foster organizations’ transformation with data, information, analytics and digitalization.

  • Business Analyst
  • Financial Analyst

Utilize data and analytical model to inform domain-specific  functions and operational decisions.

  • Project Manager
  • Marketing, Operations, HR, Sales etc. Manager

Project management skills to select and implement right business intelligence and analytics solutions at organizations.

  • Executive, VPs, Senior Director

Business domain strategy and executive management skills to know when and how to use data and analytics for strategic and tactical decision making.

Anticipated placement of graduates based on experience, education, knowledge, and skills

A recent salary survey by Robert Half International predicts business analysts will be one of the hottest areas of employment in the coming years. This report also delves into some of the roles in business analytics and the projected salary growth for 2016.

Title 2015 2016 % Change
  from to from to  
Data Analyst/Report Writer $84,121.75 $128,709.25 $88,580.50 $136,140.50 5.60%
Project Manager $108,496.25 $165,568.25 $113,252.25 $174,188.50 4.90%
CRM Business Analyst $100,470.50 $138,815.75 $104,037.50 $149,814.00 6.10%
Portal Administrator $110,279.75 $151,300.25 $111,766.00 $159,623.25 3.80%
Data Modeler $120,980.75 $172,702.25 $126,925.75 $184,889.50 6.20%
Information Technology Manager $120,980.75 $179,241.75 $125,736.75 $189,051.00 4.90%
Data Warehouse Analyst $121,872.50 $169,432.50 $124,845.00 $180,728.00 4.90%
Data Scientist $122,467.00 $164,379.25 $129,601.00 $182,808.75 8.90%
Business Intelligence Analyst $129,006.50 $181,917.00 $135,248.75 $194,996.00 6.20%