Choosing a Major

Resources to help you learn more about a potential program of study.

What Can I do with this Major?
A link sponsored by the University of Tennessee with more than 50 areas of study and ideas on how to apply specific majors to occupations commonly associated with them.
Explore Programs at UW Tacoma
Visit these pages for a list of all UW Tacoma programs and links to specific departments.
UW Tacoma Programs/Concentration List
You may be wondering what kind of job you could get with a major in Business, Urban Studies, or a concentration in Self and Society, Psychology, or Environmental Studies. Check out these pages to conduct research on various occupations that fit with your potential program.
Talk to your Peer Advisors
Because they have been on campus for a year or more, Peer Advisors know the "in's and out's" of college life. Don't be afraid to ask them questions!