Fieldwork roles

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Quarter before enrolling in Fieldwork /T NURS 505:



Fieldwork Coordinator

Nursing Program Staff

Week 2

  • Obtains from the Nursing Program Office information on fieldwork verification process, including HIPAA training.
  • Completes the Fieldwork Planning Worksheet and submits it to the fieldwork coordinator.
  • Sends students link to Fieldwork Planning Worksheet.
  • Prepares list of potential projects with contact information.
  • Sends list of potential projects to students.
  • Sends students checklist of documents needed for fieldwork verification process.

Week 3

  • Contacts committee chair or curriculum option faculty to discuss ideas for fieldwork.
  • Contacts fieldwork site and request fieldwork placement.
  • Meets with students in TNURS 598 to answer questions about fieldwork.
  • Reviews results of Fieldwork Planning Worksheet.


Week 5

  • Finalizes fieldwork placement with the fieldwork coordinator, who assures that an educational affiliation agreement is current and confirms placement with the fieldwork site.
  • Completes all fieldwork verification requirements (required to obtained entry code to the course).
  • Works with students and agencies to finalize fieldwork placements.
  • Confirms that an educational affiliation agreement is current, or initiates an agreement with the agency.
  • Confirms placement with the fieldwork sites.
  • Logs fieldwork site, fieldwork facilitator name and contact information.
  • Follows up with students who have not completed verification process.
  • Processes educational affiliation agreement as needed.

Week 8

  • Negotiates fieldwork schedule with fieldwork facilitator, including time to be spent on-site (days of week and hours of day).
  • Provides fieldwork facilitator with contact information.
  • Checks with site about dress code expectations.
  • Identifies and negotiates learning needs and own learning objectives with committee chair prior to discussing with fieldwork facilitator, including ways in which these objectives will be met.
  • Obtains final approval from committee chair for fieldwork site and learning objectives, activities to meet the objectives, and criteria for evaluation.
  • Sends learning objectives, activities, and criteria for evaluation to fieldwork faculty and fieldwork facilitator.
  • Follows up on incomplete verification requirements.
  • Ensures that fieldwork learning objectives are approved by chair.
  • Once students have completed the verification process and learning objectives are approved, sends introduction letters to fieldwork facilitators, with students’ names, fieldwork course faculty names, and contact information.  Example on S drive.
  • Finalizes log of student placements.  Update on S drive.
  • Secures student fieldwork files in Nursing Program Office.
  • Ensures fieldwork verification process is completed.
  • Issues entry code after fieldwork placement and verification are completed.

During Fieldwork quarter:


Fieldwork Facilitator

Fieldwork Course Faculty

  • Contacts fieldwork facilitator if unable to be at fieldwork site as scheduled.
  • Wears business-professional attire appropriate to the standards of the site, and a UW Tacoma name tag identifying graduate student role.
  • Advises fieldwork facilitator of the need for a fieldwork evaluation and meets with the fieldwork facilitator at the end of the fieldwork experience to discuss own performance.
  • Participates in TNURS 503 Advanced Fieldwork Seminars and completes course assignments.
  • Completes a self-evaluation of learning objectives and submits to fieldwork course faculty.
  • Completes an on-line Fieldwork Site Evaluation form.
  • Assumes responsibility for completion of Fieldwork Facilitator Student Evaluation Form and submits form to fieldwork faculty after end of fieldwork experience meeting with fieldwork facilitator
  • Orients the student to the fieldwork site.
  • Assists in selection of activities with respect to course objectives, student goals, and level of expertise.
  • Outlines, with the student, parameters of responsibility for activities, special projects, and time lines.
  • Communicates immediately with faculty if a student’s performance is unsatisfactory or whenever there are concerns about the student’s progress.
  • By mid-quarter, and as needed, assesses student’s progress.  Shares information with fieldwork course faculty.
  • By the 9th week of the quarter, completes an evaluation of the student’s performance, using the Fieldwork Facilitator Student Evaluation Form, and discusses with the student.
  • Hands the completed Fieldwork Facilitator Student Evaluation Form to the student who gives it to the fieldwork course faculty by the 10th week of the quarter.
  • Serves as a liaison with the fieldwork facilitator and assists student, in consultation with fieldwork facilitator, with concerns regarding activities.
  • Contacts the fieldwork facilitator during the quarter to assess student progress.
  • Review students’ fieldwork assignments.
  • Provides feedback to students about their fieldwork through seminar, email, or Blackboard website.
  • Evaluates students at mid-quarter and at the end, based on seminar, fieldwork participation, and fieldwork facilitator input.
  • Compiles Fieldwork Facilitator Student Evaluation Forms and gives to designated Nursing Program staff at the end of the students’ fieldwork.
  • Sends email thank you note to fieldwork facilitators.