Online Offerings

Students have a number of options for flexible, anytime/everywhere learning. You can search for classes in the Time Schedule, by going to the LOCATION field, and selecting the "Online" option. You can also use the Tentative Time Schedule Quick Search to plan ahead for future quarters. 

Interested in being an online learner? UWT now has one, fully online major in Criminal Justice. Criminal justice icon  Online Criminal Justice (CJ) degree completion program follows the same curriculum and major requirements as the on-campus CJ major. All 65 credits required for the major will be available online, alongside other online UW courses to help fulfill degree requirements.

UWT now has fully online Spanish classes, if you're looking for a personalized way to meet your UW language requirement. Check the Time Schedule for TSPAN 101 and TSPAN 102 online. 

Rosetta Stone icon How about independent Language Learning?

If you're an independent learner, you also have the option to study FRENCH, SPANISH OR GERMAN independently via interactive Web resources at the online language learning site, Rosetta Stone. Bring us your CLEP transcripts and UW Tacoma will accept your competencies as an independent-learning language option.

Check with your program for further online learning options in your major.