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Drug Policy

The University of Washington is committed to maintaining an environment of teaching and learning which is free of illicit drugs. In compliance with the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act, all students and employees of the University of Washington are notified of the following:

  1. The unlawful possession, use, distribution or manufacture of alcohol or any controlled substance (as defined in CH 69.50 RCW) on any University campus or during University-sponsored activities are prohibited (CH 478-124 WAC).
    1. Students and employees who are found to be in violation of this stated prohibition may be subject to arrest and conviction under the applicable criminal laws of local municipalities, the State of Washington, or the United States. Conviction can result in sanctions including probation, fines and imprisonment.
    2. Students who are found to be in violation of this stated prohibition subject to discipline in accordance with the requirements and procedures of the Student Conduct Code (CH 478-120 WAC). Discipline may include disciplinary probation or dismissal from the University.
    3. Faculty and staff employees who are found to be in violation of this stated prohibition are subject to discipline in accordance with the applicable University employment rules and procedures. Discipline may include salary reduction, suspension, or termination of employment.
  2. The provisions of the UW Administrative Policy Statement 13.7, "Alcohol and Drug Abuse Policy." Employees should be aware that:
    1. It is dangerous to use and abuse alcohol and other drugs, and that many illnesses and deaths have been medically related to the use and abuse of illicit drugs and alcohol.
    2. The University has declared itself to be a drug-free work and educational environment.
    3. Alcohol and other drug counseling, rehabilitation, and employee assistance programs are listed in the Administrative Policy Statement 13.7.
    4. For students, the Counseling Center offers counseling for alcohol- and other drug-related problems.
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