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Division of Student Affairs


How To Get Disability Assistance

If you are a student or an employee at the University of Washington Tacoma and you are in need of academic adjustments and/or auxiliary aids (accommodations) for any disability we strongly encourage you to seek the assistance of the University's disability support offices listed below. Our offices can help make your time spent at the University a much more satisfying experience.

Prospective Students


Disability Support Services (DSS) is not involved in the admission process at he University of Washington Tacoma. However, if a student is in need of assistance with the admission process, for instance filling out forms, DSS can provide an aide. To request assistance, please contact the DSS Office.

Please visit the UW Tacoma's Office of Enrollment Services website to find further information about admissions and registration on our campus.

Solving Admissions Questions and Concerns

If you have questions or concerns regarding the admission process or questions related to admission to the University of Washington Tacoma, please visit Enrollment Services.

Disability Support Services (DSS) provides accommodations and auxiliary aids to qualified University of Washington Tacoma (UW Tacoma) students with disabilities who are enrolled in our undergraduate and graduate programs.

If you are considering enrollment at UW Tacoma, or are a student already enrolled here and you are wondering if you may be eligible for accommodations on our campus, please make an appointment to visit with the DSS Office so that we may assist you in determining your qualifications for services through our office.

UW Seattle

If you are interested in applying to the Seattle campus of the University of Washington, you will want to contact the Seattle Campus' website; Disability Resources for Students(DRS) page.

UW Bothell

If you are interested in applying to the Bothell campus of the University of Washington, please to visit their Disability Support Services (DSS) website.

Current UW Tacoma Students

In compliance with state and federal laws, academic adjustments and auxiliary aids (accommodations), if reasonable and appropriate, are provided to students with diagnostically documented permanent or temporary physical, emotional or sensory disabilities.

DSS does have specific requirements regarding the documentation necessary for the diagnosis of your disability. Please visit our Qualify for Services page and then contact the DSS Office for more information about the type of documentation needed in order to determine your eligibility for services and what accommodations might be reasonable and appropriate for you.

Any accommodations requested must be supported by the diagnostic documentation you provide. The more specific your documentation is in describing the current effects of your disability on your functioning, especially as a college student, the easier it is for DSS to determine appropriate and reasonable accommodations given your particular disability.

PLEASE PLAN AHEAD! Many accommodations take significant time to implement, so planning ahead is essential. When possible, please ensure that you have gotten appropriate documentation from your healthcare provider in sufficient time to meet with the DSS Specialist for review prior to seeking academic adjustments and auxiliary aids. Ideally, you should plan at least one or two months ahead of time so that approved accommodations can be arranged prior to the start of the quarter for which they will be needed.

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All University of Washington employees with disabilities, including those staff and faculty members working at UW Tacoma, who seek accommodations, auxiliary aids and disability parking privileges must work directly with the Seattle campus' Disability Services Office external UW Web site (DSO). If you are a UW Tacoma employee with a temporary or permanent disability, please use the contact information provided below to learn more about the services you may be entitled to receive, and how to begin initiating them.