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Student Health Insurance

Student Health Insurance Policy Benefits for 2013-2014

(September 20, 2013 - September 19, 2014)

The Student Health Insurance Plan for 2013-2014 for the University of Washington Tacoma will be administered and underwritten by LifeWise Assurance Company. All enrollment and claims will be processed by LifeWise Assurance Company. We encourage you to review the brochure carefully. To review the brochure, and for enrollment information, please visit https://student.lifewiseac.com/uw/bt/.

If you have any questions please contact LifeWise Assurance Company, Toll Free (800) 971-1491 or TDD for Hearing-Impaired (800) 842-5357.

Important Enrollment Date Information:

Students must enroll by the 14th calendar day of the quarter to be covered for that quarter. Mail- in enrollments must be postmarked by the 14th calendar day of the quarter.

Dates of coverage:

Autumn Quarter 2013 (September 20, 2013 - January 5, 2014)

Winter Quarter 2014 (January 6, 2014 - March 30, 2014)

Spring Quarter 2014 (March 31, 2014 - June 22, 2014)

Summer Quarter 2014 (June 23, 2014 - September 19, 2014)

Highlights of Your Health Care Coverage.Adobe PDF file - Provides an overview of what is covered in the insurance plan.

Lifewise Insurance Plan Booklet 2013-2014. Adobe PDF file - Benefits Booklet for UW Tacoma Students - Includes information about how much the insurance costs, what is and is not covered in the insurance plan, how to file an insurance claim, how to use in-network providers, and more.

In-Network Providers for Hospitals, Pharmacies, and Clinics - An online guide that provides a listing to help you find in Washington a provider that LifeWise Insurance prefers you to go to (called an "in-network provider"). If you go to an in-network provider, LifeWise Insurance will help to cover more for your medical expenses.

Find a Doctor, Hospital, or Clinic (see page 161-172)

Urgent Care Clinic (see page 202-204)

Pharmacy (see page 188-191)

Frequently Asked Questions - Provides information on common questions that students may have about the insurance.

International Students

Under state law, all matriculated international students in F-1 status at the University of Washington are required to enroll in the University of Washington Student Health Insurance Plan for each quarter of enrollment. UW Tacoma has determined that health insurance coverage must meet the following minimum requirements:

All F-1 international students must provide verification of appropriate insurance coverage by the third day of the quarter. The Registrar's office will check the verification of insurance coverage. If any F-1 student does not provide verification of adequate health insurance coverage, then the student will be dropped from all classes and will therefore be out of status for visa purposes.

Please click here for more information - International Student Services.