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Student Engagement Advertising Resources

Announcements and Postings

Student Engagement can assist in getting information out about your campus event to students, faculty and staff at no cost to you. Please follow the guidelines below to ensure your information is included.

Email Announcements
If you have information you would like to be announced via email, please submit it through the Advertising Resources Request on DawgDen using the following format:
WHEN: (Time & Date)
DETAILS:(Please limit to 75 words)
Announcements need to be submitted no later than 11:59pm on Thursday. Si411 emails will be sent out every Monday.
Any flyers that you desire to post on the Bulletin Boards around campus must be stamped beforehand. Bring flyers to the Student Engagement office in MAT 103 to be stamped. Any flyers that have been posted without a stamp will be removed. Please remember to be courteous of other postings. Do not overlap other flyers on the bulletin boards.
You may also have your flyer(s) electronically stamped by sending a copy of your advertisement in either Publisher or Word format to: uwtsi@u.washington.edu e-mail link
Table Flyers
There are multiple plastic table flyer holders available for use on campus. Each holder has 6 places for a small flyer. Click here to see a sample of a table flyer. You will be responsible for placing your flyers, however space reservations must be made prior to placing. Up to 10 flyers may be reserved. Reservations are made on a space available basis. *Flyers are approximately 1/4 page of a 8.5x11 sheet of paper
Advertisements via Television Screens
There are several television screens across campus available for advertising event information. If you would like to advertise on these screens, please follow these steps:
  1. Create a landscape oriented 8.5" x 14" document and save as a JPEG file.
  2. Make sure advertisement isn't too busy - "less is more."
  3. Include pertinent info (WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, DETAILS, CONTACT INFORMATION).
  4. Submit advertisements through the Advertising Resources Request on DawgDen.
  5. Television ads will be updated every Friday.

The Television Screens have the following specifications:

  • Image Size: 1366 x 708 pixels (W x H)
  • Aspect Ratio: 1.93 (W/H)
  • Cycle Time: 10 seconds
Social Media
UWT Student Engagement maintains Facebook,Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr. These resources are especially useful for last minute advertisements or announcements. Social media may be utilized for advertising similiar to email, flyer, and television screen announcements. Please submit social media announcements through the Advertising Resources Request on DawgDen.
Guidelines for Posting and Posting Locations

*Advertising Resources are available for UW Tacoma students, staff, and faculty; Off-campus visitors have access to community boards across campus only

Posting and Solicitation Guidelines

Posting and Distribution of Printed Materials UW Tacoma Adobe PDF file .

Campus Bulletin Board Map (Posting Locations)

For any questions, please contact:
Student Engagement: 253.692.4481
uwtsi@u.washington.edu e-mail link