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Division of Student Affairs


Deposit FAQs

1). I live in the apartments. I will live here through the summer and am not coming back next year. Will I get my deposit back?


RATIONALE: Students pay $250 deposit. $100 is non-refundable. So the maximum potential refund is $150. During the move-out process, any new damages to the apartment are noted. Those damages may cost money to repair. If they do, those charges are deducted from the refund (ex: $150 refund - $75 damages = $75 refund). If the damages are more than the $150 refund, they will owe the university the cost difference (ex: $150 refund - $200 damages = student owes $50 to university).

CITATION (HOUSING AGREEMENT): "Student shall pay the University a $250 deposit by personal check or cashier's check at the time this Agreement is signed and submitted to the University. The University will hold the Student's $250 Deposit during the term of this Agreement. The Deposit will not be applied towards Student's housing payments and $100 of the Deposit is non-refundable. Student agrees that any balance due from Student under this Agreement, including, but not limited to, the cost of repair or replacement of damaged or missing property and any extra cleaning charges attributable to Student, may also be deducted from Student's Deposit. Student will be refunded the remainder of Student's Deposit, if any. If the balance Student owes exceeds the amount of Student's Deposit, Student agrees to pay such balance within 10 days of receipt of an invoice from the University."

2). I live in the apartments. I will be moving out of my apartment early. Will I get my deposit back?


RATIONALE: There is a lot of work that goes into coordinating early move out processes. The housing agreement states that the student "shall be assessed $150 which Student agrees is a reasonable approximation of University's administrative costs." Per the calculations above, $150 deposit - $150 fee = $0 refund.

CITATION (HOUSING AGREEMENT): "Student who is not in breach of this Agreement (or subject to a proceeding that could result in a determination that Student is in breach) may request an early termination of this Agreement by providing the University, through its Department of Student Services, with at least twenty (20) days written notice prior to the date Student intends to Vacate Court 17.Student shall be responsible for the prorated housing rate and other applicable charges (as determined by the University) through the earlier of: (1) the date by which another student moves into an equivalent priced unit of Student Housing, thereby replacing the housing payment owed by Student or (2) the end date of the Occupancy Term. Additionally, Student agrees that in the event of such termination, Student shall be assessed $150, which Student agrees is a reasonable approximation of University's administrative costs."