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Division of Student Affairs

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Functions of the Vice Chancellor's Office

The Office of the Vice Chancellor is responsible for oversight, planning and policy management for the departments in the division. The Departments of Student Administration and the Student of Concern process are managed through the Vice Chancellor's Office. The Division of Student and Enrollment Services encompasses 3 core areas: Student Engagment, Enrollment Services, and Student Success. The Office of the Vice Chancellor and Student Administration serve as support for units, primarily responsible for strategic planning, assessment, the student of concern process and other administrative tasks.

Student of Concern

The student concern process is deticated to taking a holistic approach to identifying and helping UW Tacoma students that may be displaying behaviors or dealing with circumstances that impeed thier ability to be successful at the University. Faculty, Staff and other members of the campus community are able to report concerns to this office that are then reviewed and, if deemed necessary, looked at by a committee of individuals that represent offices trained to deal with intervention, academics, judicial and crisis or emergent issues.

For more information about this process please contact us directly or review our website.

Website: Office of Student Concern
Email: concern@uw.edu
Phone: 253-692-4801

Student Administration & Shared Functions

The Department of Student Administration serves as the central point of coordination for strategic planning, policy development, financial management, compliance, and assessment initiatives of the Division of Student and Enrollment Services.

Director, Kathleen Farrell
Department Email: stdadmin@uw.edu
Department Phone: 253-692-4828