Charting the future: Implementation phase of planning


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Last spring in response to the Washington State legislature's SHB1794, Chancellor Spakes directed the beginning of campus-wide planning to proceed in two phases. The first, which took place between June and November 2005, set in motion the development of a conceptual framework for a new, undergraduate lower division program at UWT. Three working committees comprising staff, faculty, students, and community representatives, developed a series of recommendations for implementing a four-year program. Those recommendations, collectively representing an outline for implementation, were compiled in the Interim Report and recently submitted to the Chancellor.

Now the second phase will involve final planning for implementation of the framework provided through the first. The first step will be to develop a Core Curriculum for delivery to the 170 or so, first-year students expected on campus in Fall 2006. Beth Kalikoff, IAS faculty member, was appointed to lead this task as Core Program Director. A core curriculum advisory committee will assist her.

Bob Jackson, Social Work Program faculty member, was appointed to coordinate the second planning component, an extension of the earlier Charting the Future work. Bob and the Charting advisory committee are charged with making plans to launch specific programs, determine numbers of additional staff and faculty, develop new policies, and address deadlines. Immediate committee attention will be directed to development of the second undergraduate (sophomore) year and supportive co-curricular programs and services. The work of both the Core Curriculum and the Charting the Future committee will be integrated into the administrative structure of the campus.

Once again, we are glad to hear suggestions and concerns from faculty, staff, students, and members of the wider South Sound community. Note the series of coffee conversations and town meetings posted on this page.

Thanks for your help with our UWT campus development efforts!